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U-2 , SR-71 and other High Flyer Artworks
by Kristin Hill

U-2 60th Anniversary Print
with more than 160 U-2 Pilot Signatures


Alone with The Forms II

by Kristin Hill

Limited Edition Lithographic Print
with more than 160 U-2 Pilot Signatures
Original Oil Painting on Canvas
© Kristin  Hill 2015 all rights of reproduction are reserved by the artist


A U-2 pilot in the PSD transport van pre-breathes oxygen and awaits
the walk to his jet for the imminent sortie.
Around him a flurry of professional support
at every level of flight preparation tightens
into a finely straightened line of settled purpose.
Now alone, he reviews the final forms for his
solitary ten hour mission flight at the edge of the stratosphere.


While gathered to recognize the 60th Anniversary of the U-2 Dragon Lady’s active service,
more than 160 U-2 pilots signed the border of the print

Alone with The Forms II for lithographic reproduction. The U-2 pilots` signatures include call signs and U-2 solo numbers which span #10 from 1955 to #978, the most recent U-2 pilot to solo as of mid September, 2015. Additional signatures can be added to purchased prints. 



The U-2 pilot signature print also offers the option to frame the print with a mat border covering the signatures, if desired. Final dimensions for either method of display will fit
a standard frame size 20 x 24 inches for ease of framing.

Each print is signed and edition numbered by the artist Kristin Hill.
The blank space in the title area allows additional signatures and special messages to be added to each print. Signatures of U-2 pilots who did not sign the original print border can also be added among the other signatures for further personalization of a print.

~ Edition Numbering ~

~~ U-2 pilots, please inquire about ordering  your solo number as your limited edition print number.~~

This limited edition of 1500 prints is numbered with print numbers 1 through 1120 reserved for U-2 pilots to acquire for a period of time their own U-2 solo number as their print edition number. For example, U-2 pilot holding solo #527 may request print number 527/1500.

Print numbers 1401 through 1500 are available for purchase unrelated to U-2 pilot solo number recognition.

~Pricing ~

Special U-2 Reunion Anniversary Price for U-2 Pilots and Airmen of the U-2 Community is  $125, in appreciation and recognition of your service.

Regular print price for non U-2 community is $145.

All prices are effective through October 31, 2022 and are in US dollars. Tax, if applicable, and shipping are not included, please see order form for shipping.

~~ Click here for printable Order Form ~~

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Black Rocket 

Oil on canvas 20″ x 30″

USAF 9th Reconnaissance Wing T-38

Original oil painting is available for collection
through Kristin, please inquire


Reproduction Prints will be available,
more information to be posted 


Phase Dock, The Art of Maintaining

Oil in panel 8″ x 16″ 
Original painting available, please inquire through Kristin Hill



Beale Phase Dock 1

Oil in panel 8″ x 10″ 
Original painting available, please inquire through Kristin Hill


 Pacing the Terminator

by Kristin Hill

Giclée Print Signed by 135 U-2  Pilots, 25 Mission Planners and the Artist

The U-2 flies its mission, now approaching 60 years of continuous service

Kristin Hill created her painting Pacing the Terminator following her U-2 flight and additional important research she conducted with assistance from U-2 pilots and support personnel. The painting is part of the 55th anniversary recognition of the U-2 and the service of the supporting U-2 service personnel. The original oil painting is in the Air Force Art Collection  

Purchase Limited Edition giclée print
signed by 135 U-2 pilots and 25 mission planners, and pencil signed by the artist

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Lt Col Jon Huggins and Kristin Hill with original painting at Air Force Art Presentation 2010.



Chariot of Nyx

by Kristin Hill

Giclée Print Signed by four SR-71 Pilots and the Artist

The SR-71 Blackbird speeds at Mach 3 and 85,000 feet

This special Artist Proof Signature Limited Edition of only 30 giclée prints is signed by four renowned SR-71 pilots Lt. General William Campbell, Maj. General Patrick Halloran, Colonel Richard Graham and Lt. Colonel Bernard Smith and aviation artist Kristin Hill who experienced a high altitude U-2 flight.

Bill Campbell, Rich Graham, Bernie Smith, Pat Halloran
signing giclée print The Chariot of Nyx by Kristin Hill

Print image size with pilot and artist signatures 14″ x 23″ Purchase Limited Edition Pilot and Artist Signed Print $375

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To read more about the signers of  The Chariot of Nyx  click here


The First Soars Into the Next Century
by Kristin Hill
Recognizing the Centennial of Military Powered Flight and the 1st Reconnaissance Squadron Heritage

Original Oil Painting 30″ x 40″ 
On display at 1RS, Beale AFB

The 1st Reconnaissance Squadron is the United States military’s oldest flying unit, established as the First Provisional Aero Squadron on 5 March 1913. The squadron has maintained an unbroken heritage from its founding and celebrates its centennial anniversary in 2013. The TU-2S Dragon Lady, T-38 Talon and RQ-4 Global Hawk are currently flown by the 1 RS. The JN-3, Salmson 2A2, B-29, B-47 and SR-71 are five of forty seven airframes flown during its century of service.

Special 1 RS Centennial Limited Edition Lithograph
signed and numbered by Kristin Hill
Image Size 18″ x 24″ plus border


Artist Proof Edition of 36 prints my be purchased from Kristin Hill, for more information please contact Kristin at Kristin@KristinHillArtist.com.


1 RS Centennial Painting Unveiling: Kristin Hill, Col Stewart, Lt Col Rodriguez, David Schmall (left).
1 RS Centennial Recognition Dinner (right).

Jonah and the Dragon Lady

by Kristin Hill

Oil on 30″ circular canvas

Within the “Dragon Lady”, the U-2 maintainers conduct a thorough review and repair of the venerable high altitude aircraft. U-2 airframes manufactured 30 years ago have several decades of airworthiness remaining because of maintenance regimens and minimal airtime stresses. 

The jet engine has been removed from this airframe for overhaul. Viewed through the open tail cone, the Dragon Lady’s foil heat shields, structural elements, mechanisms, pipes, cables, open panels and dual forward intake vents offer a symphony of visual interplay.


Operation Fish Hawk: Classified 1964

by Kristin Hill
Oil on canvas 18″ x 40″

May 1964 the CIA conducted two top secret reconnaissance flights with the U-2 aboard the USS Ranger to gather information about clandestine French nuclear tests in French Polynesia.


Read more about it here




Cover Art by Kristin Hill
~ Once an Eon ~

Original oil painting Once an Eon by Kristin Hill
is in the U. S. Air Force Art Collection

Air Force Art and Department of Defense
new 355 page coffee table publication

A Magnificent Showcase

History , Heritage and Art
The United States Air Force and the Air Force Art Program

Also featured in this remarkable book is Kristin Hill`s U-2 painting
Pacing the Terminator created following her high altitude U-2 flight
and presented to the Air Force Art Collection for display in the Pentagon.
Kristin has more than a dozen paintings in the Air Force Art Collection.




U-2 Holiday Greetings

These painting images are made available by artist Kristin Hill for the U-2 community
to use for holiday email greetings.*

Thank you for your service.
Happy Holidays!

Kristin Hill

`Jonah and the Dragon Lady ` © 2016

Sleigh Maintenance

Holiday Greeting created for 2016

click image to enlarge



`23:04` by Kristin Hill © 2015

click image to enlarge


`Wish List` by Kristin Hill © 2014

click image to enlarge



`Checking it Twice` by Kristin Hill © 2011

click image to enlarge


`On, Dasher! On, Dragon!` by Kristin Hill © 2012

click image to enlarge


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