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U-2 60th Anniversary Print
with more than 160 U-2 Pilot Signatures


Alone with The Forms II

by Kristin Hill

Limited Edition Lithographic Print
with more than 160 U-2 Pilot Signatures
Original Oil Painting on Canvas
© Kristin  Hill 2015 all rights of reproduction are reserved by the artist


A U-2 pilot in the PSD transport van pre-breathes oxygen and awaits
the walk to his jet for the imminent sortie.
Around him a flurry of professional support
at every level of flight preparation tightens
into a finely straightened line of settled purpose.
Now alone, he reviews the final forms for his
solitary ten hour mission flight at the edge of the stratosphere.


While gathered to recognize the 60th Anniversary of the U-2 Dragon Lady’s active service,
more than 160 U-2 pilots signed the border of the print

Alone with The Forms II for lithographic reproduction. The U-2 pilots` signatures include call signs and U-2 solo numbers which span #10 from 1955 to #978, the most recent U-2 pilot to solo as of mid September, 2015.



The U-2 pilot signature print also offers the option to frame the print with a mat border covering the signatures, if desired. Final dimensions for either method of display will fit
a standard frame size 20 x 24 inches for ease of framing.

Each print is signed and edition numbered by the artist Kristin Hill.
The blank space in the title area allows additional signatures and special messages to be added to each print. Signatures of U-2 pilots who did not sign the original print border can also be added among the other signatures for further personalization of a print.

~ Edition Numbering ~

~~ U-2 pilots, please inquire about ordering  your solo number as your limited edition print number.~~

This limited edition of 1500 prints is numbered with print numbers 1 through 1100 reserved for U-2 pilots to acquire for a period of time their own U-2 solo number as their print edition number. For example, U-2 pilot holding solo #527 may request print number 527/1500.

Print numbers 1101 through 1500 are available for purchase unrelated to U-2 pilot solo number recognition.

~Pricing ~

Special U-2 Anniversary Price for U-2 Pilots and Airmen of the U-2 Community is  $125, in appreciation and recognition of your service.

Regular print price for non U-2 community is $145.

All prices are effective through December 31, 2015 and are in US dollars. Tax, if applicable, and shipping are not included, please see order form for shipping.

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