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Solo Show Slide Show 

Taking Flight, Being Grounded

Kristin Hill
Art of Aviation, Skyscape, Landscape,
Still Life and the Human Figure

A solo show Retrospective and New Works
at the Regitz Gallery | Ware Center

42 North Prince, Lancaster, PA
November 2 ~ 30, 2018

Solo Show paintings
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Kristin Hill

About the Artist and Artist Statement

Kristin Hill has specialized in aviation art, concentrating on fine art oil paintings and custom commissions for more than four decades.  Her works depict both the man~made aspects of aviation and the natural environment encountered during flight.  The skyscapes she paints capture for repeated enjoyment the fleeting beauty and power of the skies.

Kristin draws upon her formal education in fine arts, a lifetime of aviation influences and an extensive diversity of flight experiences to paint the richness of flight and the skies we explore. Her parents owned and operated Hill Aviation at the Lancaster Airport for 35 years. 

The professional accuracy required in aviation art is integral in her works and includes an understanding of aeronautics, aerodynamics, weather,  history, military services, manufacturing and commercial applications. 

Kristin’s firsthand research includes flights in a wide variety of contemporary and antique aircraft used in military, civilian and commercial aviation, gliders, hang gliders, balloons and under the parachute canopy.  Kristin is the only aviation artist to have experienced a rare high altitude U-2 flight with the U. S. Air Force.

Kristin has been a member of the American Society of Aviation Artists since 1987 and an active participant in the U.S. Air Force Art Program since 1980. Her original works are exhibited internationally and held in museum, corporate, private, foreign and U. S. Air Force Pentagon collections. 

Artist Statement

Through my four decades as a professional aviation artist, I have created hundreds of oil paintings capturing aspects of flight in our world and its many fascinating facets. Whether the artworks have been custom works for clients or paintings of my personal choice for exhibitions, there are three factors that are consistently integral: 
 ~ Each painting is conceptualized with the intent of creating a place that the viewer would like to revisit repeatedly. That magic might be captured for a client in a commission piece or for my own gratification in a personal work. 
 ~ I believe there is a “visual language” that we all know and read to varying degrees as we live in this world. It is my task as an artist to comprehend and speak astutely that visual language. It is an ever-unfolding quest.
 ~ When I was a young artist, I thought I would be able to paint faster as my experience matured. Instead, it now takes longer to create a painting. I see, appreciate and expect more with each work of art. Where I previously saw ten pieces comprising my artwork’s puzzle, I now perceive hundreds of pieces that fit together in complementary harmony. 
It is my pleasure to bring to these walls a selection of aviation related works that span much of my career. Equally enjoyable is the application of my artistic skills to a broader range of subjects as I venture to new creative  journeys.  I hope you will join me. 

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